Luthier in Ghent

As a luthier in Ghent, Belgium, Steed Guitars specializes in building electric guitars. Together with composing and playing live, that's where our passion and know-how lies.






In our workshop everything is 100% built by hand with a minimum of power tools. All original phalanges are important to a gigging musician, the main reason why you won't find any band or table saws, routers or miter saws here. 100% manual labor it is, even when sawing a tree trunk lenghtwise...


War relic: shrapnelled european ash

Beside our own guitar line, released as

Steed Guitars

we build copies of the big brand models

upon request.

In addition, Steed Guitars Lutherie is a trustworthy place for customizing, maintenance, set-up and repairs of guitars and basses at fair rates.



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