The guitars on this page are some samples of in-house relic jobs.


The degree of aging is always done in dialogue with the customer. It is gradually done until the desired result is reached. Better safe than sorry as they say, for there is no way back.



Heavy relic strat

Your guitar can get a relic treatment here, should you so desire.


Over the years Steed Guitars has built an appropriate frame of reference, which we deem necessary to pull off a decent relic job.


Olympic white strat
Aged nitro-cellulose laquer

Relics... a phenomenon that has risen steadily in recent years, undoubtedly driven by the vintage guitar market.


It has its supporters and opponents, with some very strong opinions involved, but this is not a discussion platform, so the only comment you'll find here is:




Nothing more painful than an obvious fake !


If you're gonna do it, do it right !

Relic ash tele

Hardware can be aged too, although caution is needed for certain parts. Relicing must not have an impact on the overall quality of the instrument

Jimi strat copy
Heavy relic tele
3-tone nitro finish
Relic tuners
Heavy relic vintage white strat