Repair - Setup - Customizing

Repairs :


Did something break?

Bought a new or 2nd hand guitar with a flaw, poor set-up or defect?

Some wear on your beloved instrument?

Don't worry, guitars are meant to be used. Wear and tear are part of the business. Big or small problems, most of them can be fixed.


A selection:




  • Fixing a broken (scarf joint) headstock
  • Fret job (leveling, crowning and polishing)
  • Refret (new frets on your original fretboard)
  • Replacing a broken or worn nut
  • Electronics problems
  • Restore chipped finish
  • ...


Single coil with coil tap



Maintenance and set-up :


Every instrument that is played regularly also requires maintenance in order to keep it in top condition and to guarantee playing comfort.


Servicing is recommended for:


  • Worn frets : this can cause fretbuzz
  • Unpleasant string height: changing climatic conditions can affect the action of the guitar
  • Crackling potentiometers: arguably makes anybody happy
  • Fretbuzz : can have a multitude of causes
  • Intonation : slightly false notes that pop up above the 12th fret
  • Dull frets : notorious 'benders' know the pleasure of freshly polished fretwork
  • Small scratches or dull (spots in the) finish: a polishing job works wonders


Other set-up jobs:


  • Pick-up height
  • Truss rod tension
  • bridge and saddles height
  • tremolo and vibrato systems
  • protruding bridge saddle screws
  • loose tuning pegs
  • ...


LP headstock break

Mods and upgrades :


Not entirely happy with your standard instrument or missing 'that certain something'?


The beauty of the electric guitar is that you can personalize it a great deal.

Want to change the tone somewhat?

Add additional switching options?

Fit a different tremolo system?

It can all be done:



  • Refinish
  • Fitting new hardware
  • New pick-ups
  • Different fretboard radius
  • Different wiring from stock
  • New neck with custom profile
  • Different pot and cap values
  • Taylormade pickguards
  • ...


Refretting a rosewood fretboard

Advice :


Even if you just need advice on pick-ups, hardware, setup , repairs or that guitar kit you just bought, feel free to contact us.

Steed Guitars is in no way, shape or form affiliated with any brand or manufacturer of instruments or parts. This ensures total impartiality in terms of advice and service


No sales percentage, no stock that needs eliminated. Steed Guitars lives by one credo:


the best part for the job. Period.